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Tactile Fusion is an electric exhibition at The Heseltine gallery at Chenderit school showcasing textile and mixed media artists, combining a collection of traditional and contemporary techniques. The exhibition showcases a wide variety of work that compliments each other to educate its visitors on the extent to which traditional techniques can be pushed and adapted to create unique inventive pieces. The work ranges from felted scarfs to shanty town sculptures leaving the visitors inspired.

Artists featured in the exhibition with me, include Abigail Bury who uses hand processes to create fabric designs for interiors, and Linda Westerman whose work reflects her interest in history and archaeology and is interpreted through hand stitched embroidery and mixed media.

Other artists involved include Lis Mann, who produces work that has an autobiographical nature and is influenced by her own life experiences. Bev James takes an interest in eco printing and felt making, creating a variety of handmade scarves. Stella Benford, who uses a diverse range of materials including ceramics and metalwork to produce intriguing sculptural structures is paired with Annabel Goodwin, also a ceramicist who has a raw, natural quality to her work, has a love for the human form, nature and organic structures.

It has been such a pleasure to be part of this exhibition as I have been able to meet some lovely artists and members of the public. the feedback has been great so far and I can not wait to get involved in more exhibitions!

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